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I'm Breyer, the "B" of BZinnovations. I leverage my consulting background, sharp logic and keen analytic skills to help our visions materialize. When problems arise, I'll either find a way or make one. 

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Two of a kind, unique minds

Together, we're BZinnovations - two professionals with a burning desire to add creativity and inspiration to the world. We started BZinnovations with the intention to do just that, focusing on the intersection between form and function. We weave passion into our products because that's what our customer, you, deserves. Each piece we offer is created from bio-sourced, recyclable material. We look forward to either sharing our products with you or making your design a reality. We promise to do both with integrity.


Zach here, the "Z" of BZinnovations. From my healthcare background, I contribute outside-of-the-box thinking and exquisite attention to detail. I'm a dreamer, who believes no goal is unreachable for those who are determined. 

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Terms of idea submission - You agree that:

(1) your submissions and their contents along with related intellectual property rights will automatically become the property of BZinnovations, without any compensation to you;

(2) BZinnovations may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way on an unrestricted basis;

(3) there is no obligation for BZinnovations to review the submissions; 

(4) there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential; and

(5) if you submit a design file, you attest that you are the original creator or have unrestricted redistribution rights for your submission.

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